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Aside from keeping your dog in tip-top shape, feeding them with high-quality pet food is a great way to show your love and care for your furry best friend. 
Whether you’re in the market for raw treats or probiotics and supplements, Pet Fresh has something for you. We want to make it easy for you to order dog food online so that you can focus on bonding with your pup!

Ingredients and Nutrition

We make our food with natural and preservative-free ingredients — no compromises. Our vet formulated pet food is specifically formulated to meet the needs of dogs from all walks of life: 

  • Salmon and sardine treats that are suitable for most adult dogs
  • Fish and beef options suitable for dogs that are sensitive to chicken or grain 
  • Lamb for growing pups

We source our meat directly from local providers. By doing so, we make sure that all of our treats meet our strict standards so that you can order dog food online with zero worries!

Health benefits

The Pet Fresh difference is all about crafting high-quality food that supports your dog’s overall health and development. This is why we offer natural food that may help with a range of health concerns, such as minimising bloating, strengthening joints and improving skin health. 

Using natural ingredients also makes it easier for your pets to regulate their energy levels since dogs are built to digest raw food — not over-processed junk.

Purchase options

When you order dog food online, you can opt to have it shipped directly to your doorstep! We ship out pet food according to a weekly schedule so that you can always have fresh pet food ready to go. 

You can also purchase Pet Fresh pet food on a subscription basis. You can customise shipment dates based on your schedule and cancel anytime!

Buy vet formulated pet food for your best friend

Investing in locally made pet food can help you better track your dog’s health while keeping them well-fed, happy and energised. 

Our mission at Pet Fresh is to provide treats and meals that are made without preservatives, chemicals or any other processed ingredients. Keeping things natural has been our mission since we started in 2017! 

Want to know more about our dog food? We’d love to answer any questions you have, so reach out to us at (08) 6153 4373 or at [email protected].

How do I know what type of dog food to order online?

If you want to order dog food online, it’s best to figure out what your dog’s needs are. Keeping up to date with any allergies or health problems your pet has can help you narrow down your choices when it comes to picking the best pet food.

It’s also a good idea to buy different types of food such as raw treats and dog bones to make mealtimes fun for your pup!

Can all pets benefit from vet formulated pet food?

Yes! Buying vet formulated pet food helps ensure that they get all the nutrients they need to lead healthy and happy lives.

Furthermore, giving your pet the nutrients they need may help may help reduce the risk of common dog health related diseases, such as diabetes, pancreases or skin iterations.

How should I transition my dog to vet formulated pet food?

You should always make sure to gradually introduce new food to your pet’s diet so that their digestive system can properly adjust.

It’s best to talk to your veterinarian before transitioning to new food — they can help you create a feeding plan for your dog.