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At Stay Loyal, we believe in a full-circle approach to dog care. A dog’s glow doesn’t just come from a shiny coat, but also from the nourishment within. Our premium food, packed with quality meats and vital Omega-3 from fish, ensures your dog gets the best inside out. True well-being is about balancing great nutrition with overall care, ensuring your dog feels as good as they look.”

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Why Choose Stay Loyal?

Triple-Protein Promise And Why It Matters: We pride ourselves on our unique triple-meat protein content, providing a diverse, rich source of essential nutrients that cater to every canine’s needs.

Triple-Protein Benefits:
Amino Acid Variety: Triple protein sources deliver a range of amino acids for muscle strength and overall health.

Balanced Nutrition: Diverse protein sources offer a broader spectrum of vitamins and minerals, supporting well-being.

Reduced Allergy Risk: Utilizing triple meat protein lowers the chance of food allergies or sensitivities.

Improved Digestibility: Triple meat protein enhances digestion, making meals easier on the stomach.

Nutritional Backup: A multi protein diet ensures nutrient balance, preventing deficiencies for overall health.

Improved Palatability: Triple meat protein enhances taste, making meal time more pleasurable for fussy eaters.

Pure Omega-3 Source: Unlike many competitors, our Omega-3 is directly sourced from fish, bypassing common alternatives like flaxseed. This ensures your dog receives the utmost in quality and benefit for heart and skin health.

Natural Ingredient Commitment: Whether it’s our premium dog food, joint health treats or our soothing grooming products, we emphasize natural ingredients, promising a safe and beneficial experience for your beloved pet.

Quality You Can Trust: Our premium grain-free formulations are a testament to our commitment to excellence. With high protein content from diverse, top-tier meat sources and Omega-3 sourced directly from fish, we ensure your pet gets healthy and stays healthy.

Beyond Nutrition: At Stay Loyal, we champion a holistic dog care approach. We’re not just about feeding; we’re about nourishing from the inside out, ensuring a balance between exemplary nutrition and overall wellness. See our feeding guide here

Real Results, Real Stories: Our genuine testimonials reflect the tangible difference our products have made in the lives of pets and their owners. From resolving long-standing skin issues to enhancing vitality, our impact resonates with our loyal customer base.

Experience unparalleled canine nutrition. We set the global gold standard in dog food. Witness the transformative power of quality and see why we are given a 5 star rating.

The Mission: To improve the health and happiness of dogs all over Australia through enriched nutrition and continued education of caring dog owners!