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The Pet Fresh Difference

All Pet Fresh meals have been formulated to provide your dog with the best quality nutrition on the market. Whether you are an avid raw feeder, a hybrid feeder, or solely a biscuit feeder, Pet Fresh has you covered.

There are many benefits associated with introducing raw food to your pet’s diet. Biologically speaking, cats and dogs are designed to ingest raw meats and have specialised digestive tracts in order to do so.


Over processed and filler heavy commercial food products work against your pet’s natural processes, and in turn, can lead to a sleuth of health issues. The introduction of Pet Fresh raw meals may assist with a myriad of issues that include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing the firmness of your pet’s stools
  • Decreasing the onset of food-related allergies
  • Reducing gas in your pets, alleviating bloating and bad smells
  • Increasing skin health and coat conditioning
  • Decreasing the onset of disease such as diabetes and/or pancreatitis
  • Strengthening of bone and joint conditioning, reducing the onset of arthritis and/or osteoporosis
  • Better regulation of energy levels

Pet Fresh have also introduced our own range of veterinary formulated dried biscuits produced locally in Wagin. 

We currently produce three biscuits ranges to suit the dogs of Perth. Our salmon and Sardine formula is the perfect diet for the majority of adult dogs. Rich in omega fatty acids and DHA, this highly palatable blend does wonders for the skin and coat conditioning. For more sensitive dogs, however, our Fish and Beef formula provide a great alternative to dogs who may suffer from grain or chicken intolerances, while our Lamb based Puppy Formula provides growing pups with all of the essential nutrients they need to become healthy, happy adults!

To experience the Pet Fresh difference, simply visit one of our two stores, or shop online today.

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