Best Probiotic Dog Biscuits in Perth

Are you a dedicated pet parent in Perth seeking superior nutrition for your loyal friend? Do you value natural, additive-free and biologically appropriate ingredients for your dog’s diet? If so, then you’ve landed in the right place!

Pet Fresh’s Probiotic Dog Biscuits category is the ultimate solution for dog owners who prioritize their pet’s wellness and happiness. Imagine offering your adored pup a diet that is not only irresistibly tasty but also free from harmful additives and loaded with health-promoting probiotics! With our Salmon and Sardine Biscuits and Alert Lamb, you can provide your furry friend with the quality nutrition they merit.

Explore our collection and delivery options today, and let your pet savour the Pet Fresh difference!


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Why choose Pet Fresh’s Probiotic Dog Biscuits?

At Pet Fresh, we are zealous about providing your dog with diverse protein options, all sourced locally in Australia, guaranteeing exceptional quality and freshness. From rich salmon and sardine to sumptuous lamb, your pet will relish our varied range.

However, it’s not solely about taste; it’s about providing your dog with a well-rounded and balanced diet. This is why our meals are meticulously crafted with 100% preservative-free ingredients and devoid of artificial additives. Pet Fresh believes in offering your pet the very best of what nature has to give!

Join us at Pet Fresh and discover a new approach to nourishing your faithful friend. Offer them the love and care they deserve with our Salmon and Sardine Biscuits and Alert Lamb. Explore our extensive product range today and watch your dog thrive on a diet that genuinely prioritises their health.

What are the main ingredients in the Salmon and Sardine Biscuits?

The Salmon and Sardine Biscuits primarily consist of Salmon and Fish Meal, Wheat, Rice, Oats, Beef, Poultry, Poultry Oil, Potato, Tomato, Carrots, Peas, Alfalfa, Fish Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins and Minerals, Probiotics, Natural Antioxidants, and Flavoring.

Are the Salmon and Sardine Biscuits grain-free?

No, our Salmon and Sardine Biscuits contain wholesome grains like Wheat, Rice, and Oats. This formula has a high Meat Protein.

What are the benefits of giving my dog probiotic biscuits like the Salmon and Sardine Biscuits?

Probiotic biscuits, such as our Salmon and Sardine Biscuits, support gut health and overall digestive function in dogs. They are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthy skin and coat.

What makes Alert Lamb a good option for my dog?

Alert Lamb is a high-quality, single protein dog food option rich in essential nutrients and minerals. It's crafted with premium lamb meal, whole grain cereals, and poultry meal, making it a well-rounded choice for your pet's diet.

Are the Alert Lamb and Salmon and Sardine Biscuits suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, both Alert Lamb and Salmon and Sardine Biscuits are suitable for all dog breeds. However, it's always best to introduce new foods gradually and monitor your pet for any adverse reactions.

Do you offer delivery services for Salmon and Sardine Biscuits and Alert Lamb?

Yes, at Pet Fresh, we provide a pet food delivery service across Perth. You can order online and have our products conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

Where are the Salmon and Sardine Biscuits and Alert Lamb made?

Both our Salmon and Sardine Biscuits and Alert Lamb are made right here in Western Australia, using locally sourced ingredients.

Can I serve Alert Lamb as a standalone meal for my dog?

Yes, Alert Lamb is a versatile food that can be served as a standalone meal or as a delicious supplement to your pet's favorite dishes.

What sizes are the Salmon and Sardine Biscuits and Alert Lamb available in?

Both products can be purchased in 20kg bags and 8kg buckets.