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Are you looking for pet products that promote natural ingredients and optimal health? Do you want to provide your pet with a well-balanced and nutritious diet? Are you concerned about your pet’s digestive health? Pet Fresh has the perfect solution for you.

Introducing our delectable and nutritious dog rolls in Perth — the perfect choice for your furry friend’s health and happiness!

Devoted dog owners understand the importance of providing their canine companions with a well-balanced and wholesome diet. That’s why we’ve carefully created our Perth dog rolls with premium ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition and flavour.

Whether you’re seeking a protein-packed meal or a convenient treat, our dog rolls in Perth are designed to satisfy your dog’s cravings while promoting their overall well-being. Discover the joy of feeding your pup the best dog roll in Australia — Pet Fresh’s exceptional dog rolls!

Trust Pet Fresh for Your Pet Needs

As a dedicated pet parent, you know that your furry friend deserves nothing but the best. At Pet Fresh, we understand your love for your pets and share your passion for their well-being. That’s why we have carefully crafted our Probiotic Dog Pet Rolls, the perfect addition to your pet’s diet to promote optimal health and vitality.

Our commitment to quality begins with the ingredients we use. Our team believes in the power of natural and biologically informed ingredients, which is why our dog rolls in Perth are made with 100% Australian-sourced, preservative-free ingredients. We prioritise the health and well-being of your pet by ensuring that our dog rolls are free from additives and fillers, so your furry companion can enjoy a wholesome and nutritious meal.

Pet Fresh knows that variety is essential in keeping your furry friend excited about their meals. That’s why we offer extensive protein options in our Perth dog rolls. From the classic choices of chicken and duck to more exotic options like kangaroo and salmon, choose the protein that best suits your pet’s preferences and dietary requirements. With our wide range of choices, you can ensure your pet receives a well-balanced and enjoyable diet.

Moreover, digestive health is crucial for your dog’s overall well-being, and our Probiotic Dog Pet Rolls are formulated to support just that. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria vital in maintaining healthy gut flora, improving digestion and boosting the immune system. By incorporating our premium rolls into your pet’s diet, you can ensure their tummy stays happy and healthy, enhancing their vitality and quality of life.

Our brand stands apart from other pet food providers by prioritising the well-being of your pets. We take pride in offering a holistic approach to your furry friend’s health. Our Probiotic Dog Pet Rolls perfectly complement our range of healthy pet food, including chicken-free dog food, providing your pet with the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Whether you want to support their joint health, improve their coat condition or boost their overall vitality, our pet rolls have got you covered.

Formulated for a Healthy,
Complete & Balanced Diet.

West Australian-made (Canning Vale) and sourced from 88-90% Australian Ingredients.


We are 100% Transparent on exactly what is in the roll – Just 100% Healthy, WA Made Quality Ingredients.

Shop at Pet Fresh and Join Our Community of Health-Conscious Pet Owners

When you choose Pet Fresh, you’re not just opting for premium pet food; you’re joining a community of health-conscious pet owners in Perth who understand the importance of natural, preservative-free ingredients. We are passionate about providing the best for your furry companions, and our dog rolls in Perth are a testament to that commitment.

Buying from Pet Fresh is easy! Simply browse our range online and select the products that best suit your pet’s needs. We also offer convenient delivery options to ensure your furry friend’s food arrives fresh and on time, ready to nourish them with the goodness they deserve.

Order now and discover the Pet Fresh difference — your furry friend will thank you for it!

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